Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Tuface Idibia Proposes to Annie Macaulay on Valentine's day

Tuface Innocent Idibia proposes to logtime girl friend, Annie Macaulay.

This year's valentine's day will, forever remain fresh in Annie Macaulay's memory as it happens to be the day his long term lover and father of her daughter,Isabella Idibia, proposed to her at Jay Jay Okocha's club on the Island, Club 10.

Their kinship, which bulged out after she got featured in African Queen's video stood the test of time inspite of all the upset it suffered.

Some weeks back, there was a press release concerning Tuface's mother of two(2) Pero Adeniyi who is said to be gravid and currently blotting out in United States.

Stay tuned on this frequency to get more story developing as we are as well on the look out for the actual date of the wedding.

My sincere congratulations to Tuface Idibia and Annie Macaulay.

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