Wednesday, February 22, 2012


"Kako bi Chicken" by Reminisce first of all appeared to be a vulgar song to me when i listened to it, and the crooner seems to me like an uncouth music artist.

With the intro saying; "O ye rapper, i have moved on to greater things"... And the Chorus "eru iku wo'le" is another thing to first of all piss a gentleman like me  off. After listening to the track for a couple of time, and i heard him said something about people referring to him as a local boy but he is learned, my interest in it soared. And i am sure most of you (my readers) will share the same story.

Months after 'Kako bi Chicken' has been released, with a video to explain what the track is truly saying last year, the track is still winning many souls. I wish Pastors can preach this way and I imagine how large a congragation would be by now. 'Kako bi Chicken' is no doubt, trending.

Everyone seems to be familiar with up to, at least, 10 words off this track, but the most popular one seems to be 'Emi Papichula'. Am I right? I find this one on folk's status on Twitter and BBM (Black Berry Messenger).

It takes a whole lot of creativity to put this kind of track together and still find it appealing by so many. There are so much slangs i can't be mentioning in this track. #lol 

Help me out, by telling me which slang on this track you find the most interesting. And if you are given the opportunity to come up with a concept like this what would yours be? 



  1. omo mo sun ti abi slow motion ACTION toh supreme

    1. I like that part where he said "ilefo cherubum"... lol

    2. And.... "Sars on the beat a.k.a nackadamus"