Friday, August 21, 2015

[New Single] DJ Scratch Masta - Money Ft. Ice Prince, Orezi and Pinky Jay

Do you feel like a bundle of currency? Music expresses that which is beyond words, but could be graphical. A lot of Afro-pop music fans and supporters express themselves through the lyrics of Afro-pop music and this time, Tips Consulting talented Afro-pop artist/DJ, known as DJ Scratch Masta, makes a major move with hot single “Money” featuring Africa’s best Ice Prince Zimani, Orezi, and Pinky Jay that will definitely get you addicted like loving the coco this Springs/Summer season.

“Money” is a song about everything good imaginable with money for life’s maximum pleasure, giving you the power to command and order everything good at your beck and call. This is the new club banga, and any radio station’s hit song, and anthem for all the crew of friends and colleagues aspiring big dreams and working hard together to experience a desired change in their lives. The striking words on this joint, “Money make I spray” Money rules the world, and everything dances to its tune, therefore sets the bar high, which should be an expectation of a million bucks worth lifestyle. “Money” was conceptualized by DJ Scratch Masta with the award winning and Africa’s ambassador Ice Prince Zimani, Orezi and Pinky Jay lending their voices to spice it up as the next hottest club banga for this season.

Scratchmasta is known for several hits performances in the city where his unique flow and mix on the turntable keeps fans wanting more on the dance floor. He has done nothing short of amazement throughout his career as a DJ and now Afro pop artist and it is no doubt that this official single ‘Money’ produced by  Bonesnackberry will make you crave for more.

Let us know how you feel after listening to “Money” by sharing your crew experience with Scratch Masta with the hash tag #MoneyMakeISpray:

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