Thursday, September 12, 2013

[NEW] Ace ThaEmcee - SINS OF THE FATHER [The Warning]‏

With the entire hullabaloo about who the best or most gifted rapper is.

A lot seem to be forgetting that if you actually think of real dangerous Emcees in the naija rap game Beatbuxx360 Rappers can't be left out after the stunts they pulled on RECOGNIZE Vol.1 compilation mixtape, Ms.Chief on the BOSS LADY EP, and the most recent WARNING SHOTZ Freestyles.

They back and this is a special announcement from the General Himself 'ACE THAEMCEE of their return to hold down their own on this short but dope freestyle called 'SINS OF THE FATHER [Freestyle]'.
Could this be a warning to all rappers?!

Waiting for your comments.

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