Sunday, September 8, 2013

MADIBA: From Brain Dead to Full Recovery‏

Following the recent discharge of South Africa's former President, Nelson Mandela from the Pretoria Heart Hospital, you would think the nation would be nothing more than happy about this but sadly or rather thank goodness they aren't? I'll let this be your take

Many believe Madiba should have died in hospital because according to them "he has served his purpose" but now the question would be, shouldn't we let God decide? Many of the other reasons given by people don't differ much, one lady from a social network posted that she has never heard of someone being in a critical condition and then leaving hospital they are just feeding us utter lies to draw away the media's attention.

 Is it really real that he is still alive? Another lady mentioned that Madiba is immortal and that he will outlive all of us, this was a funny comment but it has some, if not all truth in it but others simply aren't moved by the headlines about the former president being discharged from hospital, some on Facebook and others on twitter mentioned they simply do not care.

What's your take about this?

Written by: Mpolokeng (@studlegend on twitter)

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