Friday, August 9, 2013

[EXCLUSIVE] Life Has Been More Demanding After Nigeria Idol - Steve D'lover boy

Not much has been heard of him after his third place position at the Nigerian Idol season 2 back in 2012. Steve Onochie popularly known as Steve D'lover boy on Nigeria Idol stage, a graduate of Petroleum Engineering at FUTO took time to explain life after his brief Stardom and also clarify his sexuality with our reporter.

Below is the conversation with our reporter:

Cashintransit: If I may ask, how have you been coping with life after Nigeria Idol season 2?

Steve: Life has been more demanding after Nigeria idol. And its more like am in another competition itself cos I have 2 meet up with standard

Cashintransit: Yea, definitely the challenge would be increased. But will you say you have any wish/target that has not been met after Idol?

Steve: A lot of targets and wishes

Cashintransit: Can you please share 1 or 2 with me?

Steve: I expected by now my first video should have been shot but still on waiting and also my single premier.

Cashintransit: Sigh* thank God you said this. Personally I have been wondering why you are yet to have any video by now. What will you say is the hindrance?

Steve: Financial budget

Cashintransit: Are you not under any record label

Steve: I am partially. On Jeffery Daniels record label. Made in Africa records. The label is yet to balance financially.

Cashintransit: Does that mean the sponsors of Nigeria Idol has no contribution to/for his subjects career after the show?

Steve: That is the point. You are on your own in this. After Nigerian idol everybody find your way that's what it means. Except there is a relationship built.

Cashintransit: You mean after the show and the promises, nothing came of it? The last time I checked, there were recording promises made by the organizers plus some amount of money to be given to winners.

Steve: That is to the 1st position. Actually etisalat tried in putting me in some of the cliqfest university shows. And also jazz series 2012. The money aspect 1m was mine and I was given

Cashintransit: 1million? When were you given? Immediately?

Steve: 4 to 5 months after the show.

Cashintransit: That's fair enough. With the cash, why didn't you sponsor your video? Or is it safe to assume the cash was squandered? I hope that's not too much to ask?

Steve:  there re a lot that I can't disclose. it wasn't squandered, it was used for something also important. And moreover am not from a silver spoon so u should understand wat am saying wen u have a family.

Response---Lol. Issokay. We all have rights to our privacy.

Cashintransit: Oh! Ow old is steve?

Steve: 28yrs

Cashintransit: what institution and course?

Steve: Futo . Petroleum Engineering.

Cashintransit: If you are offered a job in the petroleum sector worth of 400 thousand per month, would you trade it for your music career?.

Steve: I wouldn't trade it but attain both.

Cashintransit: What is both isn't attainable? What if you have to pick one?

Steve: Music. That's what gives me joy.

Cashintransit: Hmmm...dats great, I wouldn't trade my joy for any cash too...

Steve:  Yes oo

Cashintransit: Lets go deeper. Any regrets so far as to choosing Nigeria Idol ahead of other reality shows? You know wat I mean.

Steve: No regrets. Cos I have actually gone for other auditions like project fame, star quest etc and Nigeria idol gave me hope out of all.

Cashintransit: But seeing the likes of Chidinma, Iyanya doing well in the industry. Will you agree wit me Project fame has produced more stars than Idol?

Steve: No. Nigerian idol stars are still building up and we are talking about real music here, not the normal noise.

Cashintransit: Building up? How long should we wait?

Steve: Not for long. And mainly looking at tins nigerian idol is just 2 half years old with 3 seasons while project fame is on the 6th season. It took iyanya 4 years after to get to were he is.

Cashintransit: Do you have any relationship with other contestants from season 2? Especially mercy Chinwo and joe blue.

Steve: Yes in contact with them especially mercy. But I and joe get in touch most times cos we re both in same label.

Cashintransit: Mercy isn't into stardom yet...neither joe.

Steve: Still cooking

Cashintransit: We are famished already. How long should be wait?

Steve: Wen its ready we will all see it.

Cashintransit: Who is the lady in Steve's life? *clears throat*

Steve: No particular one for now. Just have friends.

Cashintransit: Have you ever come across any news suggesting you are homosexual?

Steve: No

Cashintransit: Really? Maybe I am reading too much

Steve: Even if been said, well I don't give my ears to it.

Cashintransit: Its safe to say you aren't then.

Steve: Yes.

Cashintransit: How many singles do u have 4 now?

Steve: Still cooking but released 1.Titled: ASIKO.

Cashintransit: Conclusively, street music and reality show, which would you say is selling in our country?.

Steve: Street music. We all know dat.

Cashintransit: Maybe we should expect a switch from Steve one of these days too.

Steve: No. Singing is what I do. And that's what music is all about not noise. I wouldn't say becos that is what everyone is doing then I join them. It is what suits me and what I can produce better for the public that matters. Music is not all about partying.

Cashintransit: Timi Dakolo is a good example of what you are expressing I guess

Steve: Yes

Cashintransit: Music is ur life, its obvious. Ur words for your fans out there b4 we call it a day.

Steve: I love them all. And will be a representative of good music and happy life to all my fans, friends, family and the world.

Cashinransit: Thanks Steve for the time.

Steve: Anytime.

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