Thursday, June 27, 2013


Ruggedman seems to be idle much lately with his career as he spends quality time having frippery tweets about OJB Jezreel with a lowly.

In the name of #SaveOJBjezrel campaign currently going on social medias, his twitter timeline earlier today got coated with  OJB’s account details where donations could be deposited.

Ruggedman as one of the celebs that should bury their head in shame because the Entertainment Industry is not doing much to save a colleague;  pasted the account details of OJB on his timeline  Saying "all we need is 35,000 people to contribute N500 each to save OJB". 

One of his followers found this tweet offensive and replied "we av many rich celebs in naija wu waste cash on cars&likes, even dos dt becme kings fru OJB,if dey cnt do ds,y ll d commoners?" Ruggedman replied by saying "And a commoner u shall remain, #movingOn"; then the following ensued:

"Ugochukwu Stephen a.k.a Ruggedman,ur 1st-7th generations to come will 4eva be commoners,d celeb trait will end on u nw&4eva insha Allah."

How low can he go? Lol


  1. Truth is, yes some artists have money but others don't av as muchh. Don't be fooled by the champagne and cars u see, that's flossing for appearances. Plus I am sure some of this artists have already donated. Instead of focusing on whichh artist is cntributng to savee OJB,why not jus drop your own widow's might.

  2. When I say u bloggers are stupid and useless, everybody should agree with me... How tf is ds news??? Ruggedman is helping a campaign and you are here displaying foolishness all because you have access to a computer device n free domain on "" to copy and paste"..... Aint you just a definition of LOW? If dat tweep is too shallow to think or tweet sense, you shudnt be too shallow to write since u feel u are obligated to.. What's low abt saying 35k ppl shud donate 500naira?? The likes of u and dat dumb tweep are d ones who fink all musicians are "rich" and charitable... While some are wealthy, others aint the way u fink and the wealthy ones, not all of them are charitable.. Would u have thought OJB was broke?? Wasn't he a celeb?? And idiots like u are d same ones saying Donjazzy's 1m donation is too small and Olamide's 35k is little... If u don't have anyfin to do with your brain, offer it up as charity to people making ceramics, it can be grinded and put to good use...BYE goat!

  3. What do u term low? When is being insultive?

  4. So what da hell is ya prob with bloggers? If there r no news papers to read,would u know if ur apartment will be the next target for boko haram? So samething goes to those that says they are bloggers. If the tweep btw ruggedy n that babe was not published,would u av read what's happening? Instead of u to write what is meaningful in finding a way out to help ojb,u busy challenging bloggers.
    Well,ruggedy's campaign is not bad, n that babes response was good too.
    What I figured out was may be ruggedy was drunk before replying,saying "and commoner u shall be".

    1. A celeb like Ruggedman who lots of people are looking up to is not supposed to tweet such as a reply to a follower/fan... He's just being stupid.

  5. LOBATAN *in dammy krane's vc* we can also do our best _d celeb cnt do it all alone rugged man as a point tho...

  6. What's with the irrelevant attack on bloggers, are bloggers at fault for bringing to light what's going around or should such stupid act of insecurity displayed by self acclaimed Nigeria's rap messiah go unpublicized, if he (Ruggedman) had not wanted publicity for such outrageous statements then he should'nt have tweeted them at all, bloggers are not the ones denting is career or image, he is the one doing that to himself and he probably needs to enroll in an anger control/management class before his uncut ted anger do his career in for good and mind you this is not is first of such attacks on his followers and that of other celebs alike, abeg free bloggers and talk to Ruggedy baba, he's the one who needs some counseling here.