Saturday, February 2, 2013


With the stage Iyanya's career is at the moment, it'll be operose to be able to attach him to just a song considering all the hits he pulled off from late 2011 to 2012.

Iyanya, last year, ended the year with the release of 'Flavor' video while fans anticipate what he has in plan for 2013.

The Co-owner of Tripple M G (Made Men Music Group) is set to release his sophomore album titled IVD meaning Iyanya Vs Desire 11th of February. Not so much has been made public about the content of this album except the name. Producers that worked on IVD and artists that got featured in it are yet to be unveiled as well. 

But with the three (3) missile-like tracks out there already, one can tell what IVD is filled with.

Iyanya's debut album, "My Story", on which he displayed how well he's into R&B didn't do well in the market. But Iyanya's story, indeed, changed late 2011 since the birth of Kukere.

Will Iyanya depart from the pop songs that has brought him this far? IVD will reveal all that when it finally drops.

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