Monday, December 3, 2012


When Alingo (the audio) stormed our airwaves, it took us little or no time to fall in love with it because the song is groovy. I can imagine the song being performed at a concert and One Thousand people doing the same dance step. Picture it yourself. Errrr... beautiful init?

Naive of what P.Square had in plan for we the fans to catch up with, We all dance to Alingo whenever DJ's in clubs, Bar and Radio stations sets it into play.

Two weeks back, the Video dropped. I guess what fans expected to see as the "Alingo Dance" wasn't what the  Okoye brothers brought forth. I'm sure some people were like (O___O).

Unlike Azonto, Etighi and Gangnam Style (brought from Asia), Alingo appears too energetic and backbreaking. This is some muscular dance routine that the populace can't easily learn. My mum still tries Etigi once in a while, she dares not try this one. I don't see this dance going viral. #justSaying

Well, you all might have different opinions about this "Death of Alingo". Let me know how you feel.



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