Tuesday, September 18, 2012

#JustSaying There should be a Dance step named "Omo Akin"

Having watched two of Omo Akin's video, i said to myself, "there should be a dance named Omo Akin".

Omo Akin made his debut with 'Ta lo so be'. A bang-up track that had on it, two of Choc City's act, Jesse Jagz and Ice Prince. 'Talo so be' by Omo Akin, in no time, got a wide acceptance with the help of continuous air play.

His follow up track titled Borrow Borrow Make Me Shine (BBMMS) is another street hop and as well has a nice video to stick the message into our minds. 'Omo Akin' is doing so much for his career and i must say he is gaining so much recognition within a short while. #BigUps

But did anyone ever noticed how he dances?   Omo Akin's style of dance is unprecedented (except for Chimps that walks with this kind of swagger). The two prevalent dance steps we have now are known as Etigi and Azonto (imported from wherever). We are yet to have enough of the two afore-mentioned dance steps though, but i think his style of dance should be adopted and given recognition like the rest.

Nothing much is required to dance like 'Omo Akin' so don't be daunted. To be able to do the "Omo Akin Dance", you have to be pleasinly plump, your biceps have to be over-built to the point that it is noticeable from afar and you must be able walk like a chimp. I'm sure most of y'all have seen his latest Video and you know what i am talking about.

 I've been learning how to do it myself. My only deficiency is my body structure and no matter weight i lift my tiny biceps can't be like that of 'Omo Akin'. To learn more about the dance, see the video below.

*This piece was put together because I like the way Omo Akin dances, no diss intended. #justSaying #wink

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