Friday, May 25, 2012

DRE SAN (Mimolato Crooner)

It is not because Agege is seen as being sterile. But Record label owners and show promoters in search of artist , doing the afro hiphop genre, don’t usually look at the direction of this hood to get one. But there is an artist and a producer with the name “Dre San” who is determined to change all that and take Nigerian music to the next level.

Dare Sanni is the third child out of family of seven and an indigene of Ogun state. His interest in music sprang up from way back his days in secondary school. He usually represents as the entertainer of the class whenever there is no work to do. A bad student to some teachers back then got himself trained by entertaining his class mates alongside his friend G-Willzu.

The desks back then, was what he produced beats with. What started as disturbing the peace of the class later turned out to be a profession in 2005 when Dre San decided to pick up production with the help of his collaborator, G-willzu. He (G-Willzu) taught him what snare and kick was, showed him the way into music production and modified his style of music from strictly rap to singing.

Dre San stints while growing up to support his dream, He subsists from what his parents give him to feed with. His first two singles ”Touch U” and “Mimolato”  which were produced and released at a go paved the way and made him to feel like he is doing what he loves to do best. “Touch U” was not that a successful track but it is worth the try. “Mimolato” which wasn’t given much push, because it is a freestyle song, turned out to be the track that blew him up. A successful track, which in the history of Dre San will always ring a bell. Mimolato is the track Dre San is recognized with and as well the slang embossed on his name as the conceiver.

Dre San who has other songs like “Sing Song” and “Tayin” to his credit believes so much in his environment as they as well look up to him. He plans to keep discovering and bringing to limelight, new acts from his hood through his production.



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