Saturday, January 21, 2012

Exclusive: Modenine Pull up Stakes from Real Hip Hop.

Real Hip Hop fans might have to be looking else where really soon for the flavor of hardcore rap, as Modenine pull up stakes from real hip hop.

Modo, as he is popularly called, rose to the icon status with the release of "It's about to get Ugly", which was a monolithic hit. Modenine, there after, released a mixtape titled 'Malcom IX' in 2004 out of personal effort in a sprouting music industry where rap is not given much recognition.

'Mathematical shege', as he is also called, has been giving birth to rap songs since, as albums were released after albums and awards and endorsement keeps rolling in. His last album was titled Da Vinci Mode,which according to fan's response and how the momentum of the album was in the market, did not pay off for the rapper. He is obliged to doing rap song which over the years has not attracted fans from other genres to pay attention.Despite the singles he dropped titled "Pay At-10-Shun" (mixed with Terry G's soundtrack from "Test the Microphone").

The maven rapper who bagged the award for 'Lyricist on the roll' at 'The Headies', has decided to call it a quit with real hip hop and going into something different which is creating a balance between hip hop and what the populace loves to hear.The atmosphere in Naija does not seem to create an enabling environment for true rap song to survive in. Modenine recently said this to a fan on twitter: "Creating the balance Man. Nobody like that  real hiphop anymore son",  after the fan told him to bring that real Nigerian Hip Hop Back.

I know many hip hop devotees who see modo as a representative of Nas, Rakim and the likes in Naija are going to miss the true feeling of hip hop when he finally slip away.

What do you think of Modenine's next move?

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