Monday, January 9, 2012

MELODIC THEME - Fuel Subsidy

Subsidy, a grant paid by government to an enterprise that benefits the public, has become so ubiquitous in 'Naija'. Fuel subsidy removal and the upshot,Occupy Nigeria, needs no introduction as both words had gone democratic already.

Amidst all the Sturm und Drang, caused by the removal of what seems to be the only thing the masses benefit from the government. Some artists have gone to the studio to drop some lines in expressing their displeasure in the remotion of the grant. While so many took to the street to evince their grievances, others expressed theirs through social network,Twitter. Check what i have below:

 @Asa_official "I charge every Nigerian wherever you are one earth come out, demand for your right. We are all in this together. Our brothers,sisters ,mothers and fathers are suffering. Its time for change in Nigeria #occupynigeria"

@BASHORUN_9ICE : "GEJ is just a joke. A mistake to note. No single Naira Note has been judiciously spent. He's just a president without a wisdom coat."

 @eLDeeTheDon: “Its not only about fuel subsidy issue but the gross mismanagement of resources that belong to the average Nigerian.

The artists that shared the pain of the people are being praised on twitter, while those that eschew the protest are being assailed. If it's possible to throw missiles on twitter, some artist would have been hit by some by now. The Mohits crew,whose head is Don Jazzy is not spared out of this because lots of messages are being sent to them by fans. I have below what transpired between Celebs and twitfams(as fans are being referred to on twitter).

NaetoC: RT @KLAZEMATICS: i know that @NaetoC dare not join d #occupynigeria protest cos dumbo Jonathan is going to fire your mum".... >>REPLY "Keep ur ignorance to yourself homie and have a good day"

And as well the 'Back when' and 'da mi duro' crooner is not left behind.
@iam_Davido: "I dnt think protests will do much, let's jus all stop"... >> REPLY @delakins: just dey entertain dey go. Olodo oshi!!!

What do you have to say about fans attacking celebs on twitter?
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