Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Beyonce Baby Lockdown Enrages Breastfeeding Moms At Hospital

Oh no! Now other new moms are so infuriated by being treated as second class citizens that they want to sue Lenox Hill Hospital in NYC where they feel ‘neglected’ by hospital staff after Beyonce gave birth there.

They’re brand new moms and they aren’t going to be bullied by Beyonce‘s security team nor ignored by hospital staff ! Apparently non-celebrity mothers have been gathering at a breastfeeding class at the hospital, and they’re so upset about the way they’ve been treated that they’re talking about filing a lawsuit against Lenox Hill Hospital, according to TMZ.

Beyonce and Jay-Z reportedly spent $1.3 million to renovate and seal off a wing of the hospital and install a bulletproof door and blacked out windows.
Presumably, the security is to prevent photos of the newborn from leaking out. (Has a magazine already bought the first photo rights?) Plus, of course, the celebrity parents are presumably and understandably worried about Beyonce and the baby’s safety.
However, their security detail has incensed other mothers who have been arguing with the star’s security people and have accused the bodyguards of being “extremely rude,” according to TMZ.
One new dad — Neil Coulon, 38, of Brooklyn — has griped to the New York Daily News that he was repeatedly barred from the sixth-floor neonatal intensive care unit and couldn’t see his premature twin girls. Plus, they forced his relatives to leave!
Coulon told the Daily News he’d like an apology from Beyonce and Jay-Z.
However, since hell hath no fury like a breastfeeding mom, suggests Beyonce and Jay-Z send flowers, champagne and baby gifts to every last mom in Lenox Hill. A little loving attention will go a long way! - Hollywood Life

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