Friday, December 23, 2011

RE: Bishop David Oyedepo of Winner Chapel Publicly Slaps Female Parishoner During Service

What's going on in this country? What's happening to our churches? Is the end time really here? If i don't put halt to the mind asking,i bet i'm going to spend the rest of this write out asking questions. But permit me to ask one more question before i proceed. Do we own our life or the Churches we devote our time and resources to own it?
Bishop David Oyedepo ditched out a slap to a member of his congregation and the rest gave shouting offering. In support and justification of how the  "Man of God " reacted to the poor girl's response. A pastor is supposed to guide you and make you think positively about your being, not condemning you(to hell). 
It's such a barbaric act and i don't expect such from a Pastor of his calibre. He continued the service without a feeling of remorse and was still braggadocio for putting up such act. In this 20th century? *shaking my head*
I will stop it here and leave the rest to you people. What are your takes on this issue? Let me know how you feel about what transpired between the pastor and that girl.

Here's a link to the Video on youtube.

Thank you.

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  1. It's incredibly crazy when you consider what most humans call religion. The worse of all is how terrible Christians are at being the followers of Christ. Most of us now idolize our so called GOs and pastors. Is this What we were expected to emulate as followers of Christ? Even the bible said "do not worship any other God apart from Me" (God Himself), including ourselves (Pride) not less talk of others. Well my point is why bother about such an act from a bishop when even Jesus said "not all who call my name are for me". The applauding of the congregation of his action is just the fact that most Christians are brainwashed into believing that their leaders are actually more saints than Jesus and will lead them directly to God. Let's not expect too much from our leaders both church and political. Let's just put our trust in God focus on Jesus and not look at our pastors because their personal lives may lead us to hell instead of saving us and taking us to heaven.