Saturday, November 19, 2011


The first time i saw the tweet about "Zombie" i was scared like a little boy walking down the alley way home,alone. Joe spasm was set to paint the whole city red like it is valentine day with Zombie,a single off 'The world Domination Album'.
His scary look complements the title of the track quite well.But the point is, if hip-hop was truly dead like some people claim, then rappers like Terry tha rap man, that are still alive should be referred to as Zombie. Produced by Ray-X,Zombie refutes the popular phrase "Hip Hop is dead". Hip-hop is never dead because rappers like Joe spasm are still keeping it real for the streets. 
I had my share of Zombie and i got inducted. Download Zombie and get back to me with how you feel about the track.

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  1. Dead man walking nd making Hard Knock Punch lines, let's give it up for Joe Spasm for keeping it real 4 the STREETZ.